Our services

We can assist with

  • Daily Bookkeeping
  • Wage Processing
  • VAT questions
  • Tax questions
  • The annual closing
  • Reporting of the close to Bolagsverket (Årsredovisning)
  • Income declarations for both companies and sole traders

Fortnox is our system of preference but we have experience in different SAP systems (Monitor, Pyramid) as well as other accounting systems like Visma, Edision, Briljant which makes it possibly for us to work in your system should you require it.”

We cover all your accounting needs

Traditional acccounting is the services we most regularly supply, however we can also supply consultancy services within the internal processes of accounting, providing analyses and suggestions to improve your internal accounting process so that your company can improve its efficiency and reduce overheads. We pride ourselves on working hard, whether it’s a closing report, annual report, daily accounting or analyses and strive to help your company grow in a sustainable and achievable way” 

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