Our process of working

We strive to work as digital as possible within the laws of Swedish accounting so if you also wish to be as digital as possible, we can assist in reaching that goal. Something we think is important is clear guidelines on when documentation is to be submitted and when you can expect a response from us. This applies to both ongoing services as well as annual services as well as e.g. annual report and declaration to the company.

For example, when your company has clear declaration times regarding VAT and employer declarations, we usually set a schedule that makes us request all documentation 7 days after the month or quarter end. This gives us time to process everything, provide feedback with any additions and then complete the accounting, ready for declaration at least 7 days before the last day you can declare. This gives you time to arrange any payments, review the outcome and discuss with us before submitting the declaration. Of course, the submission schedule can be customized based on your situation.

We prefer to have the ability to be a declaration agent to the Swedish Tax Agency for easier and more efficient handling of tax returns against the authorities, but we never declare without your explicit approval. In addition to this, access to the bank is appreciated to easily access payment information so we do not have to ask you about any additional documentation.

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