About us

We work all around Skåne and have customers from Helsingborg to Kristianstad, from Ystad to Malmö and everything in between, so we are never far away. Strategically located in Lund, we also on occasion rent premises Office apartments in Malmö and Helsingborg if necessary. We also have a range of clients in Växjö, Gothenburg, Skellefteå and Stockholm

With the experience of having worked with a major accounting firm for a number of years, we have experience in most business branches and can easily adapt to your needs. Fluent in both English and Swedish, this gives us a strong advantage in being able to communicate important information to you in a way that you can feel safe with.

Having worked internationally also gives us a better opportunity to be able to more easily understand how your business works on a larger scale.

We pride ourselves on being direct in our communication to reduce the risk of errors, as well as providing regular feedback to you as a customer on how you can facilitate your work and comply with Swedish legislation to minimize the risks of something going wrong.

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